Master Instructor Myloreal Anderson

Founder of MIKIO SURAI Martial Arts International

MIKIO SURAI is a style that bridges the gap between traditional and new age martial arts. While keeping the teachings of  the true essence of martial arts, Master Instructor Myloreal Anderson has found his own expression of martial arts through his years of training. Martial arts is a great way to learn social skills, develop self-discipline, raise mental awareness of your surroundings, and overcoming physical challenges. We focus on the needs of each student and handle him or her with patience. MIKIO SURAI allows you to apply martial arts to real life.  This style teaches  the importance of family, morally upright standards of living, survival, and tactical training. The amazing thing about the style is that just like life, it's always evolving, which enables you to adapt to any situation.  It's a true style that nurtures the heart, mind, body, and soul of a person, by encompassing the 24 written laws and the 12 unwritten laws for life. The style became established in 2010 under the name of MIKIO SURAI Martial Arts International.

Teaching students that “Martial Arts Is More Than Fighting, It’s A Lifestyle"

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The 24 Written Laws & 1 of the Unwritten of MIKIO SURAI

Dangerous | Honesty | Selflessness | Strength | Leadership | Respect | Heroic Courage | Self-Control | Humility | Spirituality | Sincerity | Courtesy | Passionate | Honor | Responsibility | Compassion | Duty | Confident | Loyalty  | Health | Wisdom | Character | Justice | Family | Perseverance